seaworldsuxwhen I was in 7th grade, I remember coming across a video on the internet about chickens & the cold, cruel life that they live before being slaughtered. I was only fourteen years old & totally scarred from what I had seen in that video. Living baby chicks were being snapped in half, thrown away as if their lives meant nothing. Looking back, I felt mature for thinking the things that I did. I couldn’t believe that the truth was just put on the back burner – that stuff like this actually happens and we just, don’t talk about it, ever. We know it’s totally wrong but we grew up eating this way, so… it’s normal. right? People have been eating animals since forever, so it’s normal!! right? and you’re probably reading this right now thinking “well it is….”. but when I watched these videos of animals being brutally tortured and stepped on and thrown at the wall, nothing was normal about it. It was cruel and twisted, and I just couldn’t seem to wrap my head around it. I knew that animals were dying, obviously, in order for us to be able to eat these kinds of things. But did I know how these animals were actually being treated or what conditions that we as humans forced these precious innocent animals to live in? Absolutely not. No one really knows until they watch the videos, and even then, they don’t really know. after coming across that video in middle school, I stopped eating meat & I stuck with it for two years…. but then I caved. It’s hard not to cave… especially when your mind is focused solely on your appetite and nothing else. It wasn’t until September 11, 2015, when I made the actual leap…. overnight. I followed so many girls on Instagram who were vegan and they would always post photos that interested me and captions that made me think. I was totally inspired by how radiant these people were and the messages that they were always sending out – happiness, peace, health, and most importantly, (to me), animal rights. I honestly admired anyone who was vegan because I thought they had such incredible willpower. I never thought I could do it…. I would often picture myself going vegan in my head, and I loved that image more than anything. but I also thought about all the food that I loved that I wouldn’t be able to eat again. That saddened me…. in a very selfish kind of way. I hated so much that I was even thinking like that. I’ve always been really passionate about animals and so I 100% knew that veganism would be for me. I just had to educate myself more on the dairy industry and watch actual videos of how animals were treated, and the conditions in which they lived in. It was more than painful to watch, but I also knew that I needed to see all of this in order to make the change. I knew that pure bliss freely came from eating plant based… I just needed compassion to take over & convince myself to do so. After spending a couple of hours of reading and watching horrific videos, I finally made the connection. I went vegan over night & it will be two years this coming September. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made & my heart feels so at peace knowing I no longer contribute to an industry that tortures and kills billions of animals a year. #govegan ♥